Continuous Flow is the theme for improved transportation infrastructure

What is Continuous Flow?

The next city council of Austin should focus on improved traffic flows by

– removing traffic barriers between Austin neighborhoods, business districts and surrounding communities,

– bridging intersections and eliminating traffic lights on commuter highways,

– bridging and elevating commuter trains over commuter thoroughfares,

– expanding the commuter train from city center to the airport as did Chicago,

– improved and separate cycling and pedestrian infrastructure.

How can Continuous Flow candidates be elected to city council?

–  Create a “Continuous Flow” slate and partnerships.

–  Transportation advocates, cycling organizations, real estate development companies,  garage, road and bridge building companies would be natural supporters.

What are the goals and benefits of “Continuous Flow” development for civic development?

– Getting people to and from work in the city cheaper, greener, faster and safer.

– Uninterrupted traffic flow from the ‘burbs to the parking facility near work or office.

– Local traffic not interrupted by train flow from the ‘burbs.

–  A well-developed integrated transportation system will improve property values and quality of life for residents and commuters alike.

… Ideas are welcomed, more to come!

Elect Randall Stephens as your next Mayor of Austin, Texas

About Around Austin
Randall is an Air Force veteran, business owner, aircraft mechanic and broker, owns an internet service in Austin, TX, and believes in Americans. "We can solve any problem".

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