Inspire Austin Mobility Solutions That Will Work – by Randall Stephens – Candidate for Mayor of Austin


Driving in Austin has become more difficult week by week.  The morning and afternoon commute tests everyone’s patience, and we all know where the choke points are.

Prop. 1?  No thanks!  The Mayor and City Council have wasted a lot of our time and money planning a surface rail system with major flaws.  First of all, the proposed Urban Rail system will stop traffic on every road crossing, every 5 to 7 minutes.  That’s a problem we don’t have and don’t want to have.  The wishful thinking of Downtown Money Interests to create a Boondoggle For Them at the expense of Austin homeowners will cost $30.00 per rider and won’t take any cars off the commuter freeways.  I have a better plan we can all benefit from.

If we don’t fix our commuter freeways, Austin will soon look like a Third World city where cars can’t move, where pedestrians, mopeds and bicycles weave around them to get around town.  That scenario is unacceptable.

In addition to street improvements and urban trails we can all use;

I propose bridging, ramps and turnabouts to replace traffic lights to get traffic moving at 20 locations starting with “The Y” at 290/71.  On the other quadrants of Austin, we can address the need for an I-35 bypass that works, by funding planned connector ramps from I-35 to and from Ed Bluestein and across the Colorado River to feed traffic to and from SH71 (Ben White Blvd) to I-35.  In between, we need to replace all traffic lights at intersections of;

(State highway improvements will of course involve City and TXDOT funding.  The compromise position may have to involve added tolled lanes to cover additional bridging and ramp upgrades, etc.  Federal funds for I35 to 183/71 bypass…)

  1. SH183 and Loyola Ln., TechniCenter, E. 51st.; and,
  2. SH360 and Spicewood Springs, Hidden Valley, Westlake Dr., Waymaker Way, Pascal Ln, Wold Basin Rd. S., Lost Creek Blvd., Scottish (Trail?), Parkstone Heights Dr., Walsh Tarlton Ln., and the 360 Business Park (no name) near the Greenbelt access.
  3. 2222/620 (turn lanes) with intersection upgrades to Anderson Mill Rd.

Looking at the Mobility 2040 plan I see some projects are already outlined.  Most of them aren’t.  What were Austin’s City Council members doing all these years?

Austin has been Imagined to a Breaking Point by the current Mayor and City Council members.  We need to replace all of them as soon as possible, and Inspire Austin to adopt a new Mobility Plan to facilitate fixes with solutions to the commuting nightmare as the top priority.  The next Mayor will work with a new City Council representing each sector of the community.  Inspiring Austin’s leadership at every department will require a personality with a new vision to break the gridlock, bridge the intersections along our commuter freeways and push funding forward to get the job done.

I read about Gen. David Pretraeus’ “New Way Forward” too.  But Austin doesn’t need Un-defined Temporary Fixes.  We need to solve problems fast, and a Problem – Solver to place permanent long-term strategic planning on top of the Mayoral agenda.  We need a Mayor who is not tied to the “Faceless Influence of Downtown Money”.   We need a Mayor who wants to end loans to political campaigns which circumvent the $350.00 personal donation limit.  We need a Mayor who speaks out in favor of putting people to work on behalf of the taxpayers and who has a plan for using “Business – Driven Solutions” and make delivering government services at least 5% less expensive per capita, than today over the next 6 years.  And we need a Mayor dedicated to passing quantified savings back to tax and rate payers in Austin, and lowering the property tax rates based on proven results we can achieve with an Inspired Austin leadership.

We need a Mayor who is dedicated to put people to work and keep the needs of ALL Austin in mind, who will seek to work with companies who will “Ban the Box” prior to their initial interviews so a reformed person with a past can make his or her best pitch for a shovel-ready job building the Austin of the future.  We need a Mayor who will seek to protect our precious air and water resources without driving business out of the community, and who will develop a plan to bring more small businesses in to occupy existing vacant commercial space first, and make peripheral development and inexpensive housing affordable options for more people along the periphery away from downtown, while preserving our heritage and entertainment districts.  We need a Mayor who will audit city hall, respects the whole United States Constitution, and isn’t owned by the real estate developers, cab companies, PACs, or special interests, for a change in the way we do business and represent everyone’s interests.

That is why I am running for Mayor of Austin.  I respect ALL people, and serve #OneATX

If you will support and share my plan, and take two people with you to vote in November we can win this election together.  I’d rather you donated to a good local charity than politics, but remember to vote for Randall Stephens as Austin’s next Mayor.

Together, we can Inspire Austin for a bright future.


Randall Stephens

Candidate for Mayor of Austin

Twitter:  @AustinBlueDog   Facebook:

About Around Austin
Randall is an Air Force veteran, business owner, aircraft mechanic and broker, owns an internet service in Austin, TX, and believes in Americans. "We can solve any problem".

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