Off To The Races

Let’s start with fixing Austin, ok?

Do the big developers deserve all the breaks?

Did you ever sign a commercial property lease,  buy equipment,  hire people and find out some tax collection agent was just waiting for the lights to come on so they could assess your “personal property” values and collect on it?   Did he drop in unannounced and demand time with, and answers from your employees while you were out?

It happens every day in Austin.  

How much sales tax did you pay when you bought all that furniture,  those computers and office supplies to find they want to collect property tax on it all in the same year? 

Why should you pay from day one, when big developers get multi-million dollar, multi-year tax breaks?

Small business employs more people than big business.  That’s a fact.  I like big business too, but let’s level the playing field and attract more business to Austin from surrounding communities, as well as out of state. 

– I propose we vote to allow each new business a three – year county  and city – wide property tax break.

Let’s get Austin off to the races with Formula One / Domain style tax breaks for small businesses and home-owners.


Elect Randall Stephens to Austin City Council,  District 6.


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